Hard Cider: Revival of a Nearly Lost Art


Once the most popular beverage in America, hard cider fell out of favor at the turn of the 20th century. Today, artisanal cider is enjoying a big comeback. Three farm-based cider producers will discuss the art, science, and regulations of craft cider making. The farmers at Devoto Gardens produce more than 50 varieties of apples and are easing into cider production. Tilted Shed creates small batches of cider from heirloom apples. Tim Bates has been making organic cider for over 25 years.

Presenters: Tim Bates, The Apple Farm, Philo, CA; Jolie Devoto, Devoto Gardens, Sebastopol, CA; Scott Heath, Tilted Shed Ciderworks, Forestville, CA.
Moderator: Zea Sonnabend, Fruitilicious Farm and NOSB, Watsonville, CA.