GE Labeling: Capitalizing on the Momentum of Prop 37


Prop 37 was a huge success!  The world watched as California’s grassroots worked tirelessly across the state to alert voters about the hidden GE ingredients in their food. Although the initiative narrowly lost by 2%, it catalyzed a national conversation about the deceptive, untested, and novel proteins added to the American diet. This heightened awareness has catalyzed an expanded GE labeling campaign that extends well beyond California, as people in dozens of states rally to label GE food. Panelists will reflect on lessons learned and discuss state and federal labeling campaigns. Join this participatory workshop to ask your burning questions, learn how you can get involved, and bring your creative ideas for moving forward.

Presenters: Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager, Nature’s Path, British Columbia, Canada; Pamm Larry, Grassroots Instigator, Prop 37, Chico, CA; Becki Spector, West Coast Director, Center for Food Safety, San Francisco, CA; Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch, Washington, D.C.
Moderator: Lisa Bunin, EFA Board President and Center for Food Safety, San Francisco, CA.