Where Should I Sit With Low Back Pain

Where Should I Sit With Low Back Pain

At home we have all sorts of places where we can sit. There are sofas, chairs, stools and surfaces where we support. When we are healthy we do not consider much where it is more appropriate to sit down but when we suffer from back pain we begin to see that we are not at all comfortable.

Let’s discuss the important factors that can hurt us when it comes to sitting down:

– If the place where we are going to sit is very low, when supporting the feet in the ground the knees will be very high. We can look at the young lady sitting on the initial photo of the post. As the knees are elevated, the hips become more flexed and arch the lower back (lumbar spine). On the one hand, this will put strain on the joints, ligaments and muscles. On the other hand, when we lean forward, the pressure on the discs will increase much more than it should in this posture.

Where Should I Sit With Low Back PainThis happens in many sofas that are not only low, but are soft and when sinking in the area where we lean, the knees are still higher. If this is the case we should avoid it, as well as stools and other types of low chairs.

If the sofa is firm and we are well seated there is a solution: stretch your legs. If we slide our feet forward until the knees are at the level of the rest of the thigh we can sit without problems. If we have very tight hamstrings this may not solve anything because it is a posture that stretches these muscles.

– The back supports are important. If the backrest is very soft and does not properly support the lumbar area, the same thing we discussed before. The pelvis will fall backward and the lower back will arch.

In addition, if we are not comfortably supported, unconsciously the abdominals contract so as not to fall backwards or we will throw ourselves forward. This causes an increase in pressure on the discs which, sustained a long time will cause discomfort. A typical example of this is the stools that do not have support and that force us to adopt the posture commented.

As for the supports, the ideal is a padded but firm backrest, almost vertically (it has to be reclined a few degrees) and with a good lumbar support that does not let the pelvis fall backwards.

– What happens if we sit “repanching” in the chair?


Almost all of us have the concept that this posture repanchado , like the one we see in the photo, is a bad posture for the back. It is not entirely true. It is true that it is not the best position because we are not totally balanced but we will analyze it. It is a posture that puts tension on the muscles, ligaments and posterior joints of the vertebrae. So far we agree that holding this position for a long time can cause us discomfort. The paradox of this posture is that it lowers the pressure on the disc, as you can see in a study published in the prestigious magazine “Spineā€. This implies that it is very possible that we are comfortable in this position to be relieving the disc pressure. If so,This posture is often unavoidable for people with hamstring retraction, as I explain in the post about it. This is detrimental because the posture is not rectified when we lean forward.

In conclusion, we must avoid chairs or sofas very low, soft or with bad supports in the back. We should sit at the right height with firm support in the lower back and pelvis.

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