Sleep Deprivation And Back Pain

Sleep Deprivation And Back Pain

Sleep is, along with food, one of the two fundamental components of health. In modern life we ​​have become accustomed to sleeping poorly and have adopted it as a habit of normality. Sometimes we are not aware that lack of quality sleep is to blame for many of our sufferings including back pain.

How many hours of sleep do we need?

The ideal amount of sleep is not the same for everyone. It is not even the same during our life. Babies sleep a lot and the elderly need fewer hours of sleep. There is no exact figure that answers the question to everyone. Each person has a number of hours of sleep that allows us to be rested and face the day with vitality without needing to recover lost sleep. That’s the amount we need. To give some figure, sleeping 6 hours or less in the vast majority of people will cause a worse performance, in the short term, during the day.

The reality of the modern world is that we do not usually sleep the necessary. Stress, change of shift or long hours of work make us take away our sleep. When we get home, there are things to do, such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc. And if we have children, then much more. Finally we fall surrendered with something of dinner in front of the television and the fatigue and the desire of tranquility delays the bedtime. But the time to wake up is fixed. So day after day we take hours to sleep.

Logically the quality of sleep is also important. If we live above a poorly soundproofed nightclub and wake up every hour startled, for many hours we sleep we will not rest well. Most typical are dads with a newborn who wake up every one or two hours to give the baby shots. There are also medical causes that produce pauses in sleep, such as apneas, and that prevent adequate rest.

Sleep Deprivation And Back PainWhat happens if we decrease the amount and quality of sleep?

– Less quality of life: When we suffer a sleep deprivation our brain works worse. We will respond more slowly to the stimuli that surround us and our degree of alertness, reasoning and concentration will deteriorate. It will also affect our personal relationships. We will have a state of anxiety or depression, being more irritable and with less libido.

If you find yourself sad or constantly tired and do not know why; If you find that you get easily annoyed by minor things and find it hard to find motivations in your day to day; Sometimes, the answer is as simple as that you should sleep more and better. That may not be just the problem but it is certain that sleeping well will be better.

– Physical Impairment: It is demonstrated how lack of sleep can damage our body. It is not only a mental issue; our body will also suffer the consequences. It can provoke hypertension, heart attacks, and lower body defenses, increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. It also affects muscles and tendons; For example, we are more likely to cause back pain or break an Achilles tendon while exercising. I have known cases of severe lumbar hernia in young people clearly related to periods of stress or lack of sleep.

What is the solution?

The answer seems obvious first. Effectively you have to sleep the right hours or avoid interruptions of sleep. This is not always so simple. On the one hand, if we have trouble sleeping, there is a dream hygiene that we must take care to achieve this goal. On the other hand our doctor will help us to rule out diseases that may be interfering with our quality of sleep. Many times the fault is simply ours, for not devoting the hours that we should sleep. It is surprising how we change our attitude when we have a serious episode of illness as a heart attack. However, up to that time it is still more important to finish a writing or finish a series on TV rather than sleep. At least, if we are going to deprive ourselves of sleeping it is for a good reason.

In addition to the above, it is easier to have accidents or make mistakes in important things when we do not rest properly. Not only will we live better, with less back pain and happier, but it can save our lives. Goodnight!

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