The Best Office Chair For The Neck

The Best Office Chair For The Neck

What chair do I buy to avoid neck pain?

In an earlier post we talked about the fundamental postures to the computer for not having cervical lesions. For this we commented that the ideal was to have a chair with adjustable armrests. Well, I return to the subject and I will talk about office chairs and how they affect our neck.

First I want to tell you my experience when, worried about my neck, recently I went to buy a chair to work with the computer in my house. I landed in a large well-known warehouse and had the chance to try out about 20 office chairs. Well, it did not serve any !! What do I mean? Very easy. Before I tell you some simple characteristics that are supposed to a chair that is going to be used in an office to work in front of a computer (there are others but I’ll talk about the basics that should have even the cheapest):

The Best Office Chair For The Neck1º – Height adjustable seat. For the simple reason that not all of us have our legs as long. The feet should rest on the floor and the hips and knees should form a 90 degree angle.

2nd – The armrests must be adjustable. This detail is fundamental for the neck and I invite you to go back to the post where I talk about this. Just as we do not have the same legs, neither arms! The forearms should rest on the armrests comfortably while the elbow is close to the body. If we can not join the elbow to the body while we are leaning, it is too high. If we can not contact the entire forearm comfortably, it is too low. All of this is measured by being properly seated in the chair.

3º – There are more features to take into account as the width and length of the chair and the support of the back but that is more intuitive and nothing else sit down we will notice if we are comfortable or is very large or small the chair. Another important detail is whether the backrest is reclining at the angle we want or if it is fixed. Most are recliners. This is important because if the backrest is too far back the neck will suffer in its effort to remain erect.

Having made this paragraph, to say that of all the chairs that I tried in this center, almost all fulfilled the first requirement reasonably well. But the second … my mother! Half of the chairs were not even adjustable. That is to say, they trust in the chance that your height and length of the arms adjust by chance to his wonderful chair and also take for granted that you do not think to share it. Of the chairs that did have adjustable armrests, none had a position that adjusted to my height. Maybe my height is a bit higher than the average (1.92) but I’m not a basketball pivot either.

After this frustrated visit I visited two other large shopping centers and finally in the third I got a great chair, good for my neck, nice and cheap.

I hope I have served you. From here I appeal to manufacturers of office chairs: Please seek advice from a specialist in this field because it is a shame the number of useless chairs on the market that will only do or not sell or damage the neck of The poor people who ignore in the hands that have fallen.

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