Good Health From Your Coach’s Hand

Good Health From Your Coach's Hand

Being in good health is not just about not being sick.

Being healthy is a much more extensive concept than mere well-being. It is that state that is transmitted to your cells, your organs, your circulatory system, your neurons and that allows you to have the energy necessary to develop your projects, cultivate your relationships and maximize your vitality.

However in the day to day we carry symptoms that continue to be stigmatized in our society as insecurity, stress, fatigue, etc. And that lead us to bad habits. Habits such as anxiety for eating, worry, and other addictions that, in turn, cause us physical disorders of various kinds.

Health, from the concept of coaching. Could be defined as the result of actions that lead you to feel the energy and desire to face your own life. Have enough vitality to contribute to the operation and improvement of your own plans, and taking care of what you most want.

The times change vertiginously offering us multiple solutions of all type for our physical, our disconnection or pleasure. Fast, diverse, comfortable alternatives that are not enough to make us feel healthy or free from pain, since often the main barrier to that health that we pursue, are ourselves and our behaviors.

The good news is that knowledge of human well-being and health is advancing. It is no longer necessary to spend years justifying oneself in excuses like “I am like this”, “I know I should leave it”, “when I need it I will change”, etc. Now you may find yourself hiding  behind  these affirmations, identifying the most limiting beliefs about yourself that are conditioning your own health and which are the biggest obstacle to deploying your healthier potential.

Good Health From Your Coach's HandAnd what role does the Coach play in it?

The Health Coach is a new professional that accompanies in the process of optimizing your health, which helps to confront your own contradictions and serves as a guide to live a more coherent, positive and satisfying lifestyle.

A coherent lifestyle means to live without stress, with purpose, in an orderly life and that makes sense for each person, for you, and that allows you to feel energized and stay away from illness. To fall into the trap   of “I already know how to lose weight,” “when I want to stop smoking”, “I have no time”, “I am too selfish”, etc. Is something already overcome in this space, because caring for oneself is the best thing that can be done to favor others and ourselves?

Postponing what is most important to us and our health, we are only making things worse for when it is harder to change or almost impossible. It happens as when we drive the car along a long and comfortable road but we suspect that we will not get good site. Surely, the return to the right path will be much longer and more complicated.

Being aware of what you want to improve in your health, ask the right questions and take actions in line with the discoveries, is equivalent to finding the way to your own health.

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