Do You Want To Get Your Health Purposes ? 3 Tips To Make Changes Now

Do You Want To Get Your Health Purposes ? 3 Tips To Make Changes Now

There are less than three months left for the end of the year and maybe a good time to take stock and review everything you set out to improve at the beginning of the year.

The problem with good intentions lies in the fact that it is almost always something that we think we should do instead of something we really “want” to do. Year after year the same repeated things appear on our list of health purposes: losing 10 kg, getting in shape, spending more time with the couple or family, relaxing, etc.

But it is the same and something similar always happens. The point is that we did not make an action plan that worked. The funny thing is that if we have it for other things that can mean less to us than our health: celebrations with friends, car, company, etc. But not for our change of habits. Moreover, since the latter are not usually concrete or measurable purposes, we do not feel that we have achieved much at the end of the year.

Do you anticipate the same results in your good health purposes for this year? How will you feel this Christmas when you look back to see what you have managed to improve?

If you do not want to be disappointed again with yourself, or as if you had failed again, if you do not want to promise again that this year will be different, I invite you to invest a little time thinking that habit you want to change now and that you would have to start To do to achieve your health goal.

Do You Want To Get Your Health Purposes ? 3 Tips To Make Changes NowHere are 3 steps to get started:

Ask yourself good questions: What do I need today to reach my goal? Sometimes it is not so easy to know what you need to do or stop doing, but many times are very simple things like buying new shoes and going for a walk at a good pace for 20 minutes each day, following appropriate guidelines to start a good diet, Delegate more in the work, organize the tasks of the home, etc.

Visualize your goal. Take a moment to think about your sun: Imagine yourself once you’ve reached your goal. Then it works the other way around, what support structures have helped you get there? Do you see yourself with more space in your office; have you hired some support for the household chores?

Take a step further and visualize your ideal scenario – how you would like to see yourself, who you would like to be, not what you think you are going to achieve … What structures are elsewhere in your ideal world? Observe what comes to your mind.

Say “NO” to other things: To have those things that allow you to achieve your goals and feel more energy and health, you need to renounce others. You are going to renew your commitment to be a person consistent with your values and that implies making resignations. And do not worry! Sometimes they are less traumatic than you can imagine.

For example, I used to be hooked on TV after dinner and that took a minimum hour each day for five days a week. I realized that this habit did not help me get more time for the things that I really wanted to get. So I quit, getting a tremendous breakthrough in my nutrition studies that year.

Sometimes the commitment has to be harder: it can mean leaving a relationship, a drastic change in the family routine, giving up certain entertainments, but if this is going to mean approaching the objective that will allow you to be a better person and feel more complete, the Effort will be worth and you will consider it as part of the process towards your final desire.

Whether changing a habit in your work or asking for expert help to overcome stress, excesses with food, sedentariness or improve another area of your life is worth investing in it!

What will happen when December 31 arrives?

Have the courage to align with the good habits you decided to get this year and find out what you need to leave the old. By doing this, I guarantee that you will get much closer to your goals and you will have a unique sensation of fullness and well-being at the end of the year and you will be able to celebrate it as it deserves!

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