5 Tips to Change the Way You Eat at Christmas

5 Tips to Change the Way You Eat at Christmas

Changing old routines and installing new ones takes time and effort, although less than you can imagine. One of the worst that we have in Christmas and that it is more difficult to change is the one of “to eat of more”.Eating well is the best medicine and on the contrary, eating and drinking disorderly or in exorbitant amounts, can disrupt the natural balance of the body and deplete our energy, as well as tarnish our image.

5 Tips to Change the Way You Eat at ChristmasWhat if you start to change this habit this year? Here are five ideas:

  1. Change diet by lifestyle: As you will know, 80% of people who go on a diet regain weight in a period of 1 to 3 years. Besides Christmas is not the best time to start. The best thing you can do now, if you want to enjoy and not gain weight during these dates, is to make small changes in your eating habits, for example:
  2. Breakfast healthy: banish the sweets, except some citrus juice and includes whole wheat bread and tomato or ham without salt, to resist well until half a day.
  3. Divide your meals: It is recommended to eat 4 or 5 times a day, in any case do not eat without leaving at least two hours difference between meals
  4. Watch the rations: We eat more with the eyes than with the stomach. You can improve your digestions and speed up your metabolism if you begin to observe the rations you put on the plate and reduce them by a third.
  5. Choose the right dinner: Dinner without bread and try to leave the wine for the holidays, replace it with another drink without alcohol or simply water.

Consciously eat: This tip is key to maintaining the correct weight. Often we eat without thinking and more in this time of celebration and distraction, in which we let ourselves be carried before any offer. Get used to talking to you and asking yourself: Am I really hungry or is it my response to the presence of food? How does the food smell, what does it look like? Am I grateful for every mouthful? Do I have enough already, although I get used to eating everything what have I been served?

be flexible: There will be days when you do not eat as healthy as you would have liked. If you drank too much or could not make a healthy breakfast, do not quit or overpay the next day. Get up in the morning, take a decisive look at the mirror and say to yourself: Today is going to be a healthy day!

Eating out can help you: Eating outside and being able to celebrate does not have to be an impediment to healthy eating. You can take advantage of and order a salad at the beginning or avoid excessive sauces and greasy food by asking for meat or fish grilled, avoiding excess bread and butter and opt for a single glass of wine. Another good idea is to take only one second course and leave the desserts with creams or nougats to take occasionally.

Get moving: We all know that regular exercise is maintenance insurance for both our health and our weight, but maybe at parties you can upset the plan. Instead there are other opportunities where you can walk, climb stairs, dance, run, etc. Take every opportunity you have to get up and get moving: at home, at work or in your free time!

If you still think that you lose control easily and you are displeased with your weight, you can reserve the place for the 4th edition of the course, where you can rearrange your relationship with the food and discover the real reasons why You keep with excess weight to begin to lose it from that day, without ceasing to live!

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