Black Tea: Properties, Benefits And Contraindications

Black Tea: Properties, Benefits And Contraindications

For example, one of the properties that we can highlight of this drink is its effect as a protector against certain types of tumors.

And as a negative part, we could say that it is not recommended for people with hypertension.

Do you know why? What makes black tea one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world?

Black tea is the most widespread variety of tea in the world. The majority production comes mainly from India. It is good to know that black tea, compared to green, contains a greater amount of teina. Therefore the effects are stronger in our body than if we drink green tea.

This drink is arousing the interest of the scientific community because of its large amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants, including flavonoids, are of great help to the body because they prevent cell aging by counteracting the action of free radicals and keep our cardiovascular system healthy. Moreover, to date, the consumption of antioxidants in Food as a preventive method in the onset of tumors.

A recent study conducted in Sweden associated black tea consumption with a lower risk of stroke. In particular, the researchers noted that the consumption of this drink helps reduce by 21% the risk of blood clots in the area of ​​the brain. Prevention of stroke risk is linked to the consumption of four cups of black tea a day. And its benefits in terms of blood circulation are associated with its flavonoid content.

Black Tea: Properties, Benefits And ContraindicationsThe anticancer properties of black tea have been observed, for example, in a study involving patients with ovarian cancer. Healthy women drank more cups of tea than those with cancer. The study was conducted in a Chinese hospital and was made with distant tea classes:  black tea, green tea and oblong tea.

It is also used as a natural remedy for its astringent effect to take it in case of diarrhea, with a little lemon juice. In addition, drinking a cup of black tea may be helpful in fighting colds and improving concentration. Its stimulating effects are advisable for the well-being of our brain and our mind but in moderation.

But not all are benefits, there are also contraindications. Some people are sensitive to the consumption of black tea, especially if it is excessively. Something similar to coffee happens. Recall that it is a stimulant drink that could bring some problems to fall asleep or make people who are susceptible to then feel restless and nervous. As a rule, those who are sensitive to coffee and caffeine should also make moderate consumption of black tea.

Moreover, in children is not advisable consumption. Black tea is classified as mutating food, that is, it can have a dynamic effect on the body and mind. That’s why we recommend moderate consumption, which is not exaggerated. Being a stimulant drink it is also more appropriate to take it in the morning or noon rather than in the afternoon or evening.

Nor is it advisable to use them in people suffering from hypertension.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that their consumption can lead to a reduction in iron absorption so that people suffering from anemia should not take it either.


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