Stretch Marks: Combat Them With Natural Remedies

Stretch Marks: Combat Them With Natural Remedies

In this post I leave you some tips that help to greatly reduce stretch marks and even eliminate them. They are all natural remedies: avocados, olive oil, almond oil, carrot and aloe vera can be your great allies.

Why do stretch marks appear?

Although the skin is generally fairly elastic, when it is stretched in excess, the fibers that provide collagen (the protein that makes up the connective tissue of the skin) and elastin (the protein that gives elasticity to tissues) can break down. Dermis and, consequently, can form scars that are precisely the stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin, so it is very common that during pregnancy tend to leave streaks. They can also occur in people who are fattening quickly, or even due to the abnormal formation of collagen or as a result of taking medications or chemicals that interfere with the formation of the latter.

Sudden weight loss or gain often causes the appearance of stretch marks, so it is important to avoid large fluctuations and always stay at a more or less similar weight or to gradually lose weight / gain weight.

One of the most important things is to keep the skin well moisturized. That is essential to give elasticity, so keep in mind that we will have to drink a lot of liquid (preferably water) and externally moisturize the skin.

Stretch Marks: Combat Them With Natural RemediesRemedies you can use for stretch marks:

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is found in cocoa beans and is very greasy, like all butter. The good thing is that it is very rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Another of its virtues is that it hydrates a lot the area in which it is applied and protects and restores the skin offering a lot of elasticity. That is why it is another of the best options to combat stretch marks. It has to be worn daily before bedtime.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe vera plant is very valuable and is used in the world of cosmetics to stimulate the production of epithelial cells, which regenerate and renew the skin. It also has a great moisturizing power that activates the production of collagen and returns the elasticity to the skin.

You should rub the aloe vera gel over the stretch marks, let it dry and then rinse with warm water.

Grape oil

Another great natural ally to remove stretch marks is the grape. In particular, the oil extracted from its seeds. Due to its high content of linoleic acid, vitamins A and E, it is ideal for the regeneration of damaged tissue and to reduce stretch marks on the skin. To apply it take a piece of cotton and soak it with grape seed oil. I recommend you do it every night before going to sleep.


It is a fruit with lots of oil and vitamin E, one of the essential vitamins for skin care. Avocado has more vitamin E than any other fruit that allows a deep hydration of the skin. Simply crush the pulp and apply it on the stretch marks.

Horse tail

The ponytail is excellent as a beauty treatment because it has a lot of silicon and that is good for our skin because it keeps it flexible. To make this remedy you have to macerate about 100g of horsetail in a liter of alcohol of 40 degrees and with 8 drops of lemon. We must leave it like this for a full month. Then it is diluted with water, half and half. That is, 50% of the mash and 50% of water. Once you have diluted it just apply it on the stretch marks in the morning and at night giving a circular massage.

Extra virgin olive oil

Besides being one of the pillars of Mediterranean cuisine, the extra virgin olive oil is a great ally for beauty. It is an ingredient found in many hair masks, moisturizers, nails lotions, and is also used to improve the condition of the skin. Its richness in essential fatty acids helps to restore the levels of natural hydration, regenerates the skin and gives it elasticity.

Almond oil

As with olive oil, almond oil is also widely used as an ingredient in great beauty products. Almonds are rich in fats and vitamin E that when absorbed by the skin leave it very moisturized, and nourished and also make it much more elastic. This makes it an excellent choice for anti-stretch marks. It is best to apply it after the shower with a light circular massage.


The carrot is a tuber with a high value for aesthetics because it has a high concentration of vitamin A, an essential nutrient for the skin with exceptional properties for cell regeneration. And how can you make a natural remedy for stretch marks? You have to put two carrots to the steam and then cut them very thin. Make a carrot puree with them and apply it on damaged skin and let it rest for about 15 minutes. Then you clean it with cold water. Best to repeat 3 times a week.


This plant is rich in alintoina, a chemical that helps reduce healing time and accelerates the natural process of skin regeneration. Ideal for stretch marks, especially those that are still white. It should be infused with them and applied on the stretch marks.


The potatoes help to regenerate the skin cells and leave it very soft. It also gives you a feeling of freshness. It maintains the hydration of the skin under optimum conditions. That is why it is one of the favorites to fight stretch marks. How can you do it? You have to cut a few slices of potatoes and apply them directly on the skin, or make mashed potatoes and put it on the stretch marks.

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