Controlling Your Breathing When Exercising

Controlling Your Breathing When Exercising

Controlling your breathing while exercising will allow us to tire less on one side and get the most out of the activity we do for another. We explained how to do it.

Controlling Your Breathing When Exercising

Breathing is a mechanical act; we do not have to keep our constant attention in the act of breathing. However, when practicing exercise and especially aerobic exercise it is very important not only to take into account the breathing, but also to learn to control it.

We already know that the practice of aerobic exercise is the most usual when we talk about sport in general, and particularly when we talk about burning calories and maintaining a good fitness. When we practice this type of exercise the breathing becomes more important than ever, since a good control of it will allow us to improve resistance levels and obtain better results in sports practice.

It is easy to understand the reason for this importance, the oxygen that we obtain through the breath is basic to obtain the necessary energy that allows us to face the physical effort. Breathing badly during an aerobic practice makes it poor; we get tired more and make less use of it at all levels.

Controlling Your Breathing When ExercisingTherefore, the best way to start controlling your breathing when it comes to sports is to become aware of how we breathe. Not everyone has the same kind of breathing, even though the mechanics are the same for everyone. But it is precisely in that contact, in that knowledge of our way of breathing, where the fundamental motor rests to be able to control the breathing.

When practicing sport we have an innate tendency to focus our attention on the mechanical part of the sport itself, however, it is highly recommended that we learn to expand our own breathing, for this we need to focus our interest in the way we breathe while we play sports. This will allow us to keep breathing properly according to the intensity of sports practice, something basic and basic in aerobic exercise.

The theory says that a good model of controlled breathing is one that takes full advantage of inspiration to fill the lungs and expels carbon dioxide in a controlled manner in at least two expirations. Obviously, it does not always have to be this way, in fact as we are graduating intensity and breathing personal routines will arise that as long as they are positive they should be welcomed.

It is very important, finally, to keep the airways in the best possible state before practicing sport. Going to run with the plugged nose can pose a serious problem for our routine of that day, so we must remedy it, for example through steam or similar or media such as the famous bandages or devices that increase the incoming flow of air through the nostrils.

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