Precautions In Feeding For Sports During The Summer

Precautions In Feeding For Sports During The Summer

Here I show you some sports nutrition tips for the summer, ideas to keep alive a young athlete feeling full of energy.

 Precautions in feeding for sports during the summer

It uses whole grain products

Foods containing whole grains retain all three parts of the grain (bran, germ and endosperm). Whole grain foods like biscuits and muffins are best for sports during the summer as they break down more slowly and provide more lasting energy. Simple carbohydrates such as white bread and cookies convert more quickly to sugar (which means that energy is faster), but cause a drop in blood glucose levels more drastically than before.

Milk with low fat chocolate

Believe it or not, low fat chocolate milk has everything an athlete needs after a hard day of sports during the summer. It has a correct amount of carbohydrate, a proportion of protein for optimal recovery and is full of nutrients like calcium. Sports drinks are good, since they contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which we lose when we sweat, but normally sports drinks have large amounts of sugar. Low-fat milk may have a little sugar, but much less than the amount of sugar that is usually added to sports drinks.

Low fat proteins

Foods like fast food burgers contain protein rich in fat and can take a long time to digest, so athletes can have that feeling of heaviness in the stomach, something that is not at all nice on a hot day. There are other options like consuming low fat proteins such as Greek yogurt, turkey and eggs, these foods are a good source of healthy fats, vitamins and proteins. If you are traveling to a tournament it is always good to prepare some low fat foods in a portable refrigerator, you never know what kind of food you will have available and in these conditions, and you will not want to rely on candy to keep your skills at the highest level.

Precautions In Feeding For Sports During The SummerFresh fruits

There is a big difference between appetizers or “fruit” preparations and an apple or a fresh orange. The fresh blueberries, for example, are full of healthy carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin C. Some fruit snacks flavored cranberries, however, actually they have a very low percentage of actual cranberries and cranberry juice using concentrated for the characteristic flavor and color. The best option for summer is the fresh fruit, with a few bananas, pears, or slices of pineapple during the break of sports practice, we will recover all the electrolytes and water necessary to perform to the maximum. Watermelon is also a fantastic snack for athletes, as it has so much water; it will help us stay hydrated.

Drink water

Be sure to drink plenty of water before doing any sport during the summer, keep drinking while we are doing sports and rehydrate afterwards. Keep the extra water bottles in your sports bag or in a refrigerator in the car so that we never run out of water. And always remember to take care of your own hydration needs.

Following these basic tips you will get to enjoy the practice of your favorite sport these days of summer.

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