Yogurt diet for weight loss

Yogurt diet

All diets on their terms arbitrarily divided into two groups:

– Diet for up to 4 days;

– Diet with a longer period.

Yogurt diet for weight loss is one of those diets that have lasting effect. And throughout the time of passage can be reset about 6 kg of excess weight.

Yogurt diet
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The slow dropping of the weight – this is the correct way to lose weight. As a result, the body will not feel the stress, as there is the guarantee that will not return back to the old weight. Under this system, the power must be balanced by all the necessary vital substances, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats. An additional advantage of this diet is the fact that it includes a protein contained in dairy products, meat and even pulses. Quite often other diets exclude them from use.

The diet is based on low-fat yogurt. Number of day it should not exceed more than 500 grams, it can also supplement the 100 grams of lean cooked meat. For this perfect turkey, chicken, rabbit meat and lean beef. It is recommended to eat a piece of meat at lunch, dinner and spend no later than six o’clock in the evening.

Your diet can also be a variety of vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables can be raw or boiled, but without the addition of oil and salt. On the day of the total number of fruit must not exceed 400 grams. It prohibited during the yogurt diet for weight loss, eating grapes, melon and watermelon.

The amount of liquid that you need to drink throughout the day, there should be no more than two liters. Although half of the total amount of fluid consumed in this case must take fresh fruit juices. Since in this way compensate for the deficiency of essential trace elements and vitamins. Permission is granted to use orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, cherry and clarified apple juice. As for the pomegranate juice, you need to plant it necessarily boiled water.

Despite the fact that even the yogurt diet for weight loss is a very balanced diet, stick to it is not recommended more than 10 days, because it has a low calorie content. Well, in case of necessity it will be possible to repeat it a couple of months.

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