What the body does not have enough?


Often, our body gives us to understand very clearly that it is not enough. However, unfortunately, we have not learned to understand their body requirements. Although in most cases much easier to compensate for the body’s needs with the help of food some of the missing substance. So what our body wants to 

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…of bread

You need nitrogen. To do this, eat legumes, meat and fish.

chocolate …

Not enough magnesium body, which is in abundance can be found in seeds, nuts, legumes and leguminous vegetables.

sweet …

Your body is likely to require carbon, so try to eat any more fruit.

… Tea or coffee

The body is not enough sulfur. Eat horseradish, cranberries and different cabbage.

… fat

Lack of calcium. Eat fish with bones, cheese, sesame, beans, peppers and broccoli.

… Smoking and drinking

Not enough protein. It is worth himself to please seafood, milk, nuts, poultry.

… Carbonated beverages

You want him to have a drink after a particularly fat, that is not enough calcium. Come to the aid curd, sesame, cheese, beans and broccoli.

… Overcooked and with a crust

Again the necessary carbon. Only fresh fruit.

Liquid food …

The body requires water. Drink per day for a few glasses of water with the addition of a drop of lime or lemon.

sour …

You go around the magnesium. Seeds, nuts, …

cold drinks

It requires manganese, and you do not suspect. We eat nuts – almonds, pecans, walnuts. And in order to avoid dryly align with blueberries, which is also an excellent source of manganese.

… Any food, and the more the better

The organism needs two amino acids: tyrosine and tryptophan. For tyrosine eat – red, green and orange fruits and vegetables. For tryptophan – spinach, liver, cheese, raisins.

Well, if you do not want anything at all then sound an alarm. This is an alarming lack of vitamin B1 tocsin and 2. To do this, try, even if there is no appetite to eat offal, legumes, seeds, nuts for B1 and halibut, tuna, pork, turkey, beef, seeds for B2. Be healthy!

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