What is thrush: Causes and Symptoms?


Thrush – a disease that is caused by the fungus Candida, normally present in many of our organs. Causes of thrush disease in the creation of these fungi enabling environment.

There is, perhaps, a woman who did not face even once in a lifetime with thrush. In any female company, on every forum of young mothers certainly arises sooner or later the topic – what yeast infection: causes and symptoms, and how to win thrush. This question excites many, but the discussion applies to the intimate life, and most are just shy to ask. Way to dispel the myth that it is a purely female thrush disease, contrary to popular belief, it affects men and children and, of course a little less often than women.

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Causes of thrush

Let’s see – what is thrush, what are the causes of thrush and why is it so common? The illness is called thrush in people, received its name from – for the selection, which is accompanied by the disease. Thrush in the medical environment is known as – Candidiasis. As already stated above, it causes yeast Candida. These fungi are opportunistic and should be present normally in the genital tract, the mouth and in the intestines of healthy people, but the disease can be caused only in the case of creation of favorable conditions for their reproduction.

In principle, one might even say that the cause of disease is not the fungi, and the state in which their enhanced growth. It can be attributed to him all sorts of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, while taking hormones (dexamethasone, prednisone, and others.) Contraceptives. Diabetes, various types of thyroid diseases are also frequent companions candidiasis.

Any decrease in immunity (HIV infection is prolonged bodies) also leads to weakening of the body and is not able to restrain the growth of fungi. It should be noted that antibiotic treatment for thrush acts detrimental and harmful bacteria and normal, even useful “residents” of the body, thus allowing freedom of yeast pathogens. Sexually transmitted diseases (mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis and so forth.) Can also be attributed to the causes of the disease.

What are the symptoms of thrush?

To understand what a yeast infection is very important to understand: the detection of the fungus Candida in the analysis does not mean a yeast disease.

Specifically talk about Candida disease is possible only with the deviations in the analyzes are manifestations of the disease such as: cheesy white discharge with an unpleasant odor, which are accompanied by itching (candidiasis coleitis). That’s thrush manifests in women. Pregnant women with low-quality treatment of candidiasis is often transmitted to the child.

Thrush in children looks bright plaque in the mouth – on the gums, palate, tongue. All this may lead to the fact that the baby will be painful and unpleasant to breastfeed.

Thrush in men is manifested feeling of dryness, itching, redness of the glans penis and foreskin. In both sexes – men and women, candidiasis symptoms, burning and itching after intercourse worse, which is why the people called thrush.

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