What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal

Today photoepilation and laser hair removal are perhaps the most effective method of hair removal for both sexes. Both methods are recommended to achieve a cosmetic effect, although they may also be performed on the medical requirements and to solve any problems, such as ingrown hair, appearance of inflammatory cells and irritation after shave. During the laser hair removal procedures are selectively destroyed hair follicle is the hair, the skin itself with the negative impact of the laser is not exposed.

Laser Hair Removal
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The procedure for hair removal

The procedure for hair removal can take from 5 to 40 minutes, it all depends on the area of the removal site. For example, on the upper lip hair removed in two minutes, bikini and underarms – 10-15 mine in the legs and hips – about 30-40 minutes. laser hair removal immediately after the procedure shows the result achieved. During such epilation pain is minimal, because the laser has a special built-in cooling system.

Of course, after the procedure, there is a slight reddening of the skin, but it is about 15-30 minutes later disappears. The effect itself is stored epilation about 1.5-2 months to completely get rid of unwanted hair it is necessary to spend about 5 treatments.

What are the contraindications of laser hair removal?

It is impossible or useless spending laser hair removal:

  • Infectious skin diseases – piodermity, herpes, etc.;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Idiosyncrasy procedures;
  • Decompensated diabetes;
  • Gray, blond hair;
  • Tanned, very dark skin.

It is possible to do laser hair removal after consulting your doctor:

  • Fresh sunburn;
  • Acute and chronic skin diseases;
  • Multiple moles;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Susceptibility to keloid scars;
  • Colds, flu, etc.;
  • Allergic form of acute;
  • Under the age of puberty;
  • Abrasions, burns, scrapes the skin.

Laser hair removal – it’s quite a new direction in the field of cosmetology and a few years of use of reliable information about all the pros and cons very little from us. The forums, which are dedicated to health and beauty, those who tried out “for yourself” laser hair removal are divided into two groups: some praise, others – no. But whatever it was the case of every human person to make the decision to do yourself laser hair removal or not. Be healthy!

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