What drives the erection?


No wonder they say that a person has the biggest sexual organ it is in his head. After all, he “manages” all human manifestations of the sexual sphere creates the need for sexual intercourse, emotional, desire and provide responses that realize this desire.

What drives an erection?

In the language of science attraction to the opposite sex is called a – “libido”. Erotic pictures on the background of libido along with irritation respective zones we cause sexual arousal center. Nerve impulses “speed train” race to the center to different organs, causing breathing quickens, and your heart “flutter”. Increased blood pressure. Male body – penis – under the “guidance” of the brain centers is filled with blood, increasing many times (5 to 10 times) and tenses. This is how an erection occurs in men. Activating the head of the penis and emotional arousal leads to multiple reduction of the seminal vesicles, and then the release of sperm, thus the male ejaculate, so – orgasm.

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Violation of teamwork, of – any of these links can cause sexual dysfunction in men, primarily as a loss of time to get an erection.

Since ancient times, it was conducted search tools that can help a man. So I drink the drink of love or imperceptibly swallowed the pill – and … you appeared in front of his willingness to partner. Such funds received its name in honor of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite and called – an aphrodisiac.

Despite this centuries-old quest, most of these funds, or tonic, as vitamins and ginseng, or stimulating as chocolate and coffee, or simply are talismans that are purely psychological. The truth is the single most effective tool yet found – it is yohimbe, the bark of an African tree.

Why is it difficult to influence the behavior of the penis?

A person usually controls his body is not bad: the hands and feet, even with his eyes closed completely subject to his will. However, we command, can only muscles attached to the bones. Although there are muscles that men unfortunately not subject. Located those muscles in the walls of blood vessels and internal organs. That’s penis just such controlled muscles and is virtually independent of the owner, as it lives its own life.

However, its behavior determined yet nerve impulses. If we imagine the nervous system regulation, it is more like us telegraphy. There is “order” command post appears in the form of electrical signals, which in turn runs over the wire, that is – the nerves. At the end of the line is “telegraph”, which translates these impulses into manhood orders. These instructions cause the member to contract and relax the muscles.

The penis consists of two so-called cavernous body. Past their walls are muscles, it is thanks to them these cavernous body capable of changing its scope. In the normal state – “sluggish”, the muscles of small arteries and corpus cavernosum are able to tone (weak reduction). Because they are constantly circulating blood, but in a small amount, which is insufficient to impart elasticity penis.

But during sexual arousal the situation changes dramatically. By the genitals are beginning to enter the powerful impulses, causing relaxation in the walls of arteries and the body member of the muscle fibers. As a result of the corpora cavernosa and the penis itself filled with arterial blood, thus increasing in size, that is – there is an erection.

It is necessary to pass the excitement and the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to contract, forcing the blood – is the end of an erection.

There is a substance, savoring the muscles relax the order, which is called – acetylcholine. This substance is destroyed rapidly by special enzyme. Over the rats performed the experiment and when they were injected with a substance that stops the action of the enzyme, the rats copulated hours. But these substances, however, are not selective.

In 1998, American scientists have found a solution to this problem. They even received a Nobel Prize for his discovery of the chemical link between specific muscles and acetylcholine. This material forms a nitrogen oxide, which leads to an erection muscle and relaxation of the corpora cavernosa. So pharmacists the opportunity to manage this process.

At what age does an erection, and when I disappear?

There are the first physiological erection in boys 5-6 years, they are not connected with the experiences of sensuality. Then become more frequent erections and during puberty is already there as an expression of desire. In males, the maximum capacity for the erection is shown about 18 – 20, then gradually decreases. Erection disappears completely at each different – someone she saved up to 80 years, while someone and after 40 lost.

What diseases provoke the loss of erection?

No wonder they say that alcohol – is harmful. Indeed, in the first place and alcoholism affects very detrimental to the ability of an erection. It concerns also drugs, especially ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine: they certainly increase the potency, but in a short time, and then after a few tricks it completely literally “turned off”. Potency and also reduces prostatitis, diabetes, vascular sclerosis, some hormonal diseases. The same occurs with an erection when taken without a doctor’s advice male sex hormones – an excess of them in the body acts in the opposite way. It is bad also and anxiety, the anticipation of trouble and depression.

When the failure of erection occur?

Erection in young people, especially when they have their first sexual intercourse, often breaks down due to excessive excitement. So the more the young man wants to close, so he had an erection harder. Here it is just all depends on the woman, from her tact, because sometimes it is in itself a reason: it is not done or said so. However, if it does not already, and after repeated contacts, then you can suspect pathology.

As the intensity of sexual activity affects an erection?

On erection affects badly any deviation from the norm – and the lack and surplus. It is proved that the long breaks – in a couple of months – greatly reduce the erection. Even there is such a thing – “impotence of sailors.” But in the week of 7-8 acts, by the way, can also reduce the potency in men.

What can be considered normal sex life?

Of course it is at everyone. Although men are a family on average per week – 2-3 intercourse. Minimum normal rate – 1 – 2 certificates per week.

Whether erection with the ability to conceive a contact?

Not directly. Peak production of male sex hormones reached approximately to 30 years, but this time, in potency has been declining, albeit slowly. The very ability to conceive is preserved much longer. However, if male infertility is due to a lack of hormones, then an erection may be reduced.

How does the erection exercise?

Excessive exercise potency snizhet, moderate – increases. By the way, not only fatigue to blame. Building strong muscles takes up a lot of hormones, and the result is that a low potency. It is especially necessary to remember that a great interest in bodybuilding.

It depends on whether the nationality ability to get an erection?

It is proved that the southern men are excited faster and easier, but they are not able to keep an erection for a long time, but the northerners just the opposite.

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