Sauna in a cedar barrel


The inhabitants of the city apartments enjoy take a steam bath at home, alas, it is not available – so many people think. Is a traditional sauna or a bath is able to deliver such a pleasure? No! It turns out that there is an alternative – a mini-steam bath in a cedar barrel.

Our ancestors bathe in a vat thought up five hundred years ago, if not even later. Today, the present invention is improved and is now known as – cedar barrel. This “device” is a wood from environmentally friendly cedar cabin (domestic manufacturers for manufacturing use Altai cedar), which allows you to stay there comfortably for one person, and the head, however, it remains outside. There are sedentary, bedridden and half upright in the bath cedar barrel. From this does not change the essence of the procedure. The mini – steam is steam at a temperature of 30 … 65 ° C, thus adjusting the humidity to within 100%. Steam nozzle is regulated. Bathers choose their own mode of operation of the steam generator.

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First of all, convenient because it takes up little space – 1-2 m². Mini – Steam powered by conventional household electrical outlet. Barrel of a standard form has a weight of about 60-90 kg, it all depends on the individual size. and twin barrels – one most common. Today the company sells stationary and portable (collapsible) models that allow them to take with them, for example, to the country, and then, back to back “to the floor”.

Sauna in a cedar barrel – the more useful such as it is known the procedure followed by any pair opening pores and profuse sweating. A similar effect can be obtain in cedar barrel and with no loss of quality. Steam in a cedar barrel different from the usual that bathers head outside and is not exposed to heat as in conventional steam room. As you can see, plus a that it can bathe even those who are the traditional pairing procedure is strictly contraindicated because – due to pressure. However, in any case, before using the sauna is necessary to consult a doctor, although often you can definitely count on a positive response. Especially – a unique wellness facility. In fact, besides a positive skin cleansing effect, as well as the whole body of toxins and accumulated toxins, this barrel is useful and by the thermal effect, which is accompanied by saturating the body with useful substances obtained and from the most barrels and from steamed in water and is then converted into steam.

Enumerating the benefits of cedar barrels – this is not a publicity stunt, but only confirmed facts. Agree that it is willing to believe, because we would not claim that we have a self-suggestion reducing effect of the sauna. Fitobochki – it is an excellent remedy to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, that is, when a person feels constantly lethargy throughout the body and lack of strength, often accompanied by depression. One session after a day in the steam room cedar barrel – and you can do a lot of household chores, and then fall asleep easily sleep a baby in order to get up in the morning with a clear head.

Sauna in a cedar barrel, – what is the nature of such a healing effect of steam? At its core, oddly enough steam in similar to hardening. In principle it is itself hardening. After every bath, and including the “cedar”, take a water cooling procedure. So for Russian bath it was always a hole, tub with cold water or cold font, for – cool short cold shower. In any of these cases, the vessels are trained, and is formed in the body’s immune system is a powerful, internal organs are activated in drainage processes and eliminates stagnation. That is why we feel ourselves after a bath updated and speak as a catch phrase – “like being born again.” Is not this the health ?!

Why cedar chosen for a mini-steam room? Basically could be created from the other wood, but the cedar has its own unique unique healing properties. And what is most interesting, they are characteristic of each part of this great evergreen tree from the cones and to the roots.

Needles, sap, branches, shoots, nuts, oil and shell of the Siberian cedar is used in folk medicine since ancient times. Medicine today confirms the medicinal properties of the tree, found in the resin of cedar bactericidal, balsamic substances. By the way in Siberia cedar sap – a kind of “rescuer”, which is used to this day. It has an excellent healing burns, wounds, treats traces of insect bites and boils.

Cedar barrel gives its nutrients slowly, but its healing effect is not so soon exhausted. In practice, with regular, daily use of phyto barrels, you can count on its bactericidal effect for at least three years. Although this can be achieved after the same effect, introducing steam into the container periodically pine extracts. Cedar takes a quick family matter, they become automatically the battery.

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