How to never get sick with influenza

never get sick with influenza

It has been about 4000 years since man began to use in his cinnamon diet. The fact that such a cinnamon everyone knows, it is added to baked goods, beverages, and so on …

Scientists are constantly looking for a cure for flu noticed that people working with this product, which is in the room hanging out and Face cinnamon, never in my life have not had the flu. So science has revealed that cinnamon has anti-viral and antiseptic properties.

never get sick with influenza
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Lets you look at the instructions for use of cinnamon.


Difficulty: Easy.

What is needed: ground cinnamon, dishes the size of a saucer of tea for each room.

№1. Following the observations of scientists, we need Powdered cinnamon, which is made from the bark of the cinnamon plant. Well, this just buy in the supermarket a few bags of finished ground cinnamon or cinnamon bark and grind it yourself.

№2. After this ground cinnamon for about half a bag pour into the prepared dish and arrange in the house or at work in the office on a bowl with cinnamon on 10-15 m². Main place the dishes so that it does not interfere and does not accidentally capsized. For example, the house can be a bowl with cinnamon on a windowsill put in the corner, and on the job at the computer monitor.

No. 3. To make more efficient mix cinnamon once a week.

It is necessary to periodically about once a month pour a fresh set by cinnamon in bowl. Where – that in September, depending on the period when you the first time you poured the first cinnamon, it is necessary to replace the old with a new grinding. And then either you or your household, even your co-workers will not get sick with influenza.

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