Fitness for health

Fitness for health

It is only enough uneducated people in this area may underestimate the role of fitness for the body’s health. You can with just a single strength training to prevent disease development such as, for example, diabetes, which even the doctors are not able to fully cope, had spent studying crafts for ten years. The mechanism of recovery of the body set of exercises is quite simple, as well as all that brilliant.

For example, regular weight training, that notoriously increase the ability of muscles to easily convert fatty acids. But the fact that the processing of fatty acids entails an increased susceptibility of the body to insulin, is not so widely known.

Fitness for health
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Thus, muscular exercise results in the processing of fatty acids, which in their turn lead to increased insulin sensitivity, allowing the use of sugar in the blood that is available, by insuring our diabetes. I agree that this is a very simple and rather attractive chain from the point of view of health.

If you are already suffering some – any illness, a fitness club and a swimming pool is able to help here. Main necessarily comply with one condition – a doctor and a fitness instructor should be informed of this prematurely. Only in this case, the use and safety will be certainly guaranteed.

If, for example, you are suffering from back pain and have problems with the spine, then the training will help, but you need to start all over with care. Choose one type of fitness, which reduces the load on the spine – swimming, Pilates. Each of them has its own advantages.

Pilates – exercise, which is used during rehabilitation after injury. However, if you are going to do Pilates, then get ready for what will spend a lot of time – Pilates always brings results, but not at once, so this kind of fitness only for very patient people.

Swimming – it is generally the best kind of physical activity that helps in the legs become even after the most severe concussions. You can start to swim after a concussion after 4-6 weeks, but again – still not sure to consult with your doctor.

In order to calm the nerves of the heart and helps yoga. One yoga, of course, unable to cope with serious heart disease, but with light and medium gravity – quite. The main thing to eliminate from its program of strenuous exercise, because much more important to learn how to breathe properly, and do not own muscles.

For prevention of eye diseases other than aerobics will only choose the exercises here low or medium complexity. All because the nutrients and oxygen in these classes come in large numbers to the bodies of view, rather than the usual. If you are interested in martial arts, it is possible and they do – they are well develop peripheral vision. To the eye it would be best if the martial art, selected by you, there is no sharp elements like jumps and bumps.

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